Our Company Policy

At PROFILE customer satifaction and care is of utmost improtance to us.


Therefore we offer a FREE 15 minute consultation and Skin test to all new colour customers.


A skin test must be carried out at least 24/48hours prior to any on-scalp colouring service and we kindly ask all new colour clients to book in for a free consultation to allow us to have a chat with you, & so we can together decide on the correct colour product & technique to achieve the hair you want!!


Under no circumstances can we perform any on-scalp colouring service without a skin test & we do not accept disclaimer forms.




Allergies to hair dye can lead to serious allergic reactions which can be life threatning.  So don't risk it  and ensure you have a skin test in any salon you visit!

If they don't offer a skin test, think twice!


We only use professional hair dyes in our salon and our team are specifically trained & Insured to use them. Therefore we cannot use any other home hair dyes or clients own products in our salon.


If you suffer from allergies please let us know. we can now offer a small colour range by Schwarzkopf called Senea which can be used as an alternative to our Igora Royal Colour range which does not contain PPD and is gentler on the scalp. 

(colour tones are limited to 10 shades, skin test still required)



If you have ever coloured your hair with a Henna Hair Dye or had any kind of henna tattoo in the past, unfoturnely we may not be able to carry out any other hair colouring service at our salon.


Henna Contains Metallic salts which are highly reactive to hair dye products. If you are unsure of this we advise you to book in for a free consultation and we can carry out a test to see if your hair has been exposed to any metallic salts & a skin test.




If you have any questions please call the salon on: 01305 257 171


We will do your best to accommodate you.